Information about membership, registration and travel reservationor

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In order to make a reservation the following steps have to carried out:

1. Before making a reservation one needs to be a member of the Ski-Club. The membership fee is 50 SEK/yea/person. The fee can be payed separately or together with the payment of a travel, Plusgiro 36 38 02-0.

This is done once, even if you have not been a member for years you still registered.

3. Reservation of a travel

Registration is carried out on the link "Travels" by clicking on the text "Reservation via internet, click here". The form at the top right of this page will show up. If you not are registered, click on the text "Registrering" (Registration). Otherwise click on "Nästa" (Next). To register means that one gives information about oneself regarding name, address on the second form to the bottom right on this page. Just fill in the form with the specified information. The click on "Skicka" (Send). You don't need to fill in your real birth of date, one may give a fake number, e.g. 010101.

OBS important! The registered first and second name plus the birthday figures shall, later, be utilized at booking of travels. It is, therefore, important that this information is remembered.

f you by some reason would like to change your name or birth day figures, please send a mail with the new data to

Booking of travels is carried out via the link "Travels", click on "Reservation via internet, click here". The form according to the examples on the top right on this page will show up. Chose number of travels via "Välj antal resande". Thereafter click on "Nästa" (Next). The form on the right on this page will show up. Fill in the first and the second name and your birth date. Then chose one of the two travels you which to join via "Välj när ni vill resa" (chose travel). Then click "Boka" (Book). A message will show up confirming the booking.

Cancellation cannot be carried out via the home page, but is instead done via email to SkiClub - email address




Stand by, over booking
If the travel is full booked, i.e. when the number of available seats are zero or below zero, you can still book a travel. You are in that case registered as standby. If the number of available seats after your booking, e.g. is -2, you are the first on the stand by list. If two people cancel the travel you get the seat (s). Observe that no payment shall be maid if you are on the stand by list, payment is carried out after you get a mail announcing you have got a seat.