Ski travels to Sälen/Trysil, the season 2021-2022

The following weekends are bus travels arranged to Sälen/Trysil (Friday evening to Sunday evening)

Travels Seat left
21-23 jan
25-27 mars

You can reservate a travel by clicking on the text below "Reservation via internet, click here"
Alternatively, one may order a travel by a telephone call to Willy Lundkvis tel: 070 216 57 81. If you are an experienced Ski-Club traveler,
just click on the reservation link below. For you that need more information about housing, prices, how to book, etc., and more
information are located further down on this page

Reservation via internet, click here,

To get information click on appropriate text below.

- How to make reservation via internet?
>> How to register?
>> Reservation

- Housing and program for the ski weekend
>> Where do we stay in Sälen, how does the housing look like?
>> How does the program look like, from the time we arrive in Sälen on Friday evening to the time when we
leave Sälen at Sunday afternoon?

- Start of bus travel from Västerås Friday evening, arrival at Västerås Sunday evening
>> From where does the bus leave Västerås at Friday evening?
>> Which bus company takes us from Västerås to Sälen?
>> At what time does the bus leave Västerås at Friday evening?
>> At what time do we arrive at Västerås at Sunday evening?

- Skiing
>> At which ski resort in Sälen do we ski??
>> Are we always visiting Trysil?
>> When do we arrive at the ski resort in the morning and when do we leave at the evening?
>> Ski school

- Prices
>> Cost for travel and housing (and food that is included in one of the travels)
>> How to pay?
>> Lift ticket prices
>> Renting ski equipment
>> Insurance

- Travel regulation
>> Payment
>> Cancellation of travel initiated by customer
>> Leaving the ski resort depending on bad weather situation
>> Cancellation of travel initiated by Ski-Club