How is our housing in Torgås?
We are staying in Torgåsgården, about 5 minutes drive to the ski resort Kläppens (click here for map). The Torgåsgården is a self-catering hostels, consisting of 10 rooms with 4 beds/room, a common big kitchen and a dining room and a room where one can socialize or watch TV. The facilities are simple but pleasant and cozy. We are practicing self-catering. Each one brings his food and beverages. Towels and bed cloth are included in the price.. We can cook our dinner in the kitchen, but, in order to avoid chaos in the kitchen, it is practical if we prepare the dinner at home to as large extent as possible.

More about the hostels
We stay at the Torgås hostels:

- a dining room where we have breakfast and dinner

- a spacy kitchen where the Saturday dinner is prepared
- 10 rooms with 4 beds/room

- a room where we can socialize or watch TV

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Agenda for Saturday and Sunday:
Saturday: Breakfast at 6.30 AM, departure to Trysil in Norway at 7.45 AM (an hour and 15 minutes bus ride)
We arrive normally in Trysil when the lifts starts to operate. If our ski-teacher paticipate in the travel a ski-school will be arrange during the morning - to no cost.

Saturday evening: After shower we are having dinner together at about 8 PM. It is practical and will simplify the dinner arrangement If one prepare the cooking of the dinner at home to as large extent as possible.

Sunday: Breakfast 7.00. After loading the bus with all our stuff we leav at 8.30 for one of the Sälen resorts. We are leaving for Västerås after a hopefully nice ski day at 5 PM, and are arriving in Västerås at about 10.00 PM.