At which resort in Sälen are we skiing? And are we always going to Trysil?
At Saturday we always go to Trysil. At Sunday there is, however, no time to go to Trysil, therefore we are voting where to go in Sälen.


Ski School
If our ski teacher Henry Ceder participates in the travel, ski school will be arranged in Saturday morning. Observe that the Ski School is free.


When are we arriving at the resorts and when do we go back to Torgås in the evening?

- Our objective is to arrive in the resort at lift opening time, which normally is at 9.00 AM. This imply that the departure from Torgås to Trysil is at 7.45 AM at Saturday morning. Departure from Torgås to Sälen Sunday morning takes place at 8.30 AM.

- We are leaving Trysil at Saturday evening half an hour after lift closure, i.e. 4 PM veek 3 and 5 PM
week 12.

- On Sunday evening we leave the Sälen resort 5 PM.