Price for housing and bus
.The total price is 1300 SEK/person. Also kids pay full price.

The cost is paid via the Plusgiro 363802-0. Do not forget to notify the sender!!


Renting of ski equipment
Ski equipment can be rented at the ski resorts in Sälen and Trysil. Since we normally ski in both Trysil and Sälen this implies that renting must be carried out at two occasions. This is a time consuming and cumbersome procedure. A much easier and cheaper (much cheaper that in Trysil) is to hire ski equipment in Västerås.

- Alternative 1
Between Västerås and Sala there is a small village called Vagersta. There you can rent a complete ski equipment (skis, boats, helmet, etc.). The name of the man that run this shop is Rolf Valin, telephone number 070-3116493. The shop is opened Monday to Thursday between 5 and 8 PM.

Alternative 2 and 3
In Västerås there is a shop, called "Aktivt Uteliv," that let ski equipment, the address is Björnögåtrden ( You can hire a full ski equipment for a weekend, a week or a full season. If you are interested in hiring skis, visit the shop a week or so before you need them (homepage Furthermore, there is another shop, Sporthyra, located at Ängsgärdsgatan 9, that provides the same service as Aktivt Uteliv, homepage


Skipass (at the moment the prices are not known)
Prices for 2022 (with 25 % discount):
Sälen: Adult X SEK, Youth (7-17 year) /Senior X SEK, Kids under 7 years free
Trysil: Adult X NOK, Youth (7-17 year) /Senior X NOK, Kids under 7years free

You are not insured via SkiClub. Ski assurance may be arrange by a assurance company (e.g. Folksam) to a quite reasonable cost.