How do we travel?
We are traveling with the bus company Björks Buss. The bus departures from X (not yet determined) in Västerås at 6 PM Friday evening. We are arriving at Torgås about 10.30 PM. It is convenient if one arrives about 15-30 minutes before departure. It is suitable if the equipment (ski/snowboard) is placed in a bag. The bus stops for a short brake for coffee and "leg stretching" after about 2 hours after departure. There is no opportunity to by anything at the stop, so do not forget to bring with you "fika".



When do we leave Sälen Sunday afternoon and when are we arriving in Västeås Sunday evening?
On Sunday afternoon we are leaving the resort (which resort is determined by the people on the bus) in Sälen for Västerås at 5 PM. We arrive in Västerås about 10.00 PM.