Travel rules

Rules for payment
The cost for the travel (hosing and bus) is 1110 SEK plus 50 SEK in member fee if you don't are a member). The money shall be transferred to SkiClub via the Plusgiro account 36 38 02-0.The payment shall be reached SkiClub at the latest 25th of November (travel week 4) and 13th of January (travel week 11). Or as soon as possible if the travels are ordered after the above given dates. Travels ordered after these dates are, furthermore, binding. If the travel is cancelled, this implies the money will not be paid back. If a replacement, however, is found (e.g. by Ski-Club) then the money will be paid back.

Cancelation of travel

  • Cancellation before 25th of November(travel week 4) and 13th of January (travel week 11) the full cost is refunded
  • Cancellation later that the above given dates the travel cost will not be refunded unless Ski-Club finds a standby

Interrupted ski day at bad weather condition
It may occur that the Sunday weather conditions are bad (rain, windy, cold). Cancelation of Sunday ski day or part of the ski day requires voting. If at least 80 % of the voters vote yes for cancelation the ski day is cancelled.

If the travel is cancelled by Ski-Club the full cost is refunded.